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We have invested more than 1.000.000,00 HRK in our own AdWords campaign so far.

Our Google Adwords advertising process for every client is implemented through three stages:

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AdWords is offering many opportunities:

Search Campaign

By creating a search campaign, your ads will be visible to all potential clients who are searching for keywords related to your business.

Display Campaign

By creating a display campaign, your ads will appear in relevant categories on Google partner portals.

YouTube Advertising

You Tube proved to be an excellent channel through which users create brand awareness, and based on that, decide to purchase the product.

Google AdWords price list


Campaigns are composed of multiple ad groups, which are consisted of your ads, keywords, with a common budget and a common geographic coverage
An ad group is consisted of different keywords and ads
Ads contain your advertising message
The monthly fee includes: optimization and development of AdWords accounts, budget control and reporting.
The budget refers to the Google AdWords budget, which is used for AdWords campaigns.
The development of strategy and activation consists of an analysis of keywords, competition analyzing, creation of campaigns, ad groups, and setting up an account.

Why Google AdWords Advertising with us?

13 years experience with Google AdWords advertising

Filtering target groups with different techniques and tools


Continuously education and improvement

Detailed research of your competition

Taking care of your campaigns 7 days a week


Testing, testing, and again, testing

Our main goal is to reduce your costs and increase the number of conversions

We love what we do

Famous Croatian portals, hotels and web stores that recognized our quality

Advantages of Google AdWords Advertising

First of all, this kind of advertising gives you instant results. Unlike some other ways, advertising with Google AdWords allows you the best targeting so you can target your potential customers who are searching for your products or services. The purpose of any created campaign is to be properly set and placed so it can give their best. Many large and small companies have recognized this kind of advertising as an important factor in their business.

Bobana Vidljinović, mag. oec.
Head Of Marketing

We will provide you:

  • personal account manager
  • analysis of your existing campaigns (if you are already advertising)
  • daily monitoring of your campaigns
  • analysis of competitive products and services
  • suggestions for better effect of advertising your website
  • optimizing your campaigns
  • reports on advertising to your e-mail